Fueling Growth

We Understand Rocket Science

Igniting revenue and propelling growth may not be rocket science but it does rely on a few similar factors.

No matter the size, all rockets must have a body, a nose cone, fins, and a propellant system.

In a company, the body is the sales team which tactically executes in every conversation.

The aerodynamic shape of the nose cone helps prevent air from slowing the rocket.  CEOs and sales leaders act as this point of strategic focus allowing the tactical elements to do their job.

The fins help guide the rocket to fly straight – much like playbooks, frameworks, and clear process.

Finally, the propellant system burns to launch the rocket off the ground and into orbit – the function of digital marketing to supply qualified leads at the right time. 

The ClozeLoop staff based in San Francisco and South Africa includes project managers, data scientists, creative directors, video content producers, graphic designers, outbound calling experts, marketing engagement managers, and a couple of managing directors who enjoy building rockets.

Hilmon Sorey

Managing Director

Cory Bray

Managing Director