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Coaching Your Remote Team

What will have instant impact?
How do you prepare effectively?
How do you build an action plan?
How do you support reps?


Ramp New Reps FAST

How do you identify top talent?
What should training focus on?
Need a certification program?
How do you drive rep success?

Creating Urgency

Creating Pipeline Urgency

How do you create urgency?
How do you get deals unstuck?
Need to create deal acceleration?
How do you own your sales process and keep momentum?

TOp selling B2B Sales books from your experts:

What others are saying about us...

"We looked at all the big names in sales training and enablement, and ClozeLoop quickly became the unanimous partner for us."

Kevin W.
-Head of Sales

"You guys are to sales what Miles Davis was to jazz music! Able to take very complex ideas and make them flow."

Walt B.

"For me its about having a set of frameworks to guide you, too often companies piece together BANT, MEDDIC, Sandler and some random sales trainer that walked in a few years ago, and they have nothing they can coach off of...[ClozeLoop] gives you frameworks to drive through each of those aspects and creates a cohesive sequence of events"

Ned A.
-Growth Manager

"Sales groups could save tens of thousands of dollars on enablement and sales consulting services by spending less than $100 on...ClozeLoop books and absorbing lessons."

Steven G.
-Enablement Leader

"Just a quick note on our sales training ... Personally this was one of the best sales training events I have attended. The ClozeLoop guys kept moving at a solid pace and were engaged in the role playing activities."

Gregory L.
-VP of Sales

"My outbound team has been leveraging [the Clozeloop] scripts and problems statements and have shared how much it has helped them and influenced their ability to convert cold calls!"

Allie H.
-Director of Sales Dev.

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Options & Pricing

Choose Virtual or In-Person
Virtual (dates limited)

Gather your team on Zoom and we'll meet you there.

You cover the cost of the relevant book(s) and come with questions.

Come prepared for Q&A. We will provide answers that will make an immediate impact.

Book my session
In-person (limited locations)

We will lead the expert session at your office.

Books are included for your team (up to 25 people, extra's at cost).

Come prepared for Q&A. We will provide answers that will make an immediate impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about ClozeLoop's Ask The Expert.
How does an Ask The Experts session impact my sales team performance?

Ask The Experts sessions are high-impact, practical, professional development initiatives for B2B teams and executive management.

ClozeLoop training is framework and system based, which allows one concept to build upon another for accelerated mastery and fast results.

Whether it's individual skills for improving performance to close more deals or coaching and management frameworks & tools required increase revenue; an Ask The Expert session has your bottom line in mind.

What are some indications that an Ask The Experts session might be needed?

• Reaching funding milestones.
• Launching new products.
• Changing leadership.
• Hiring a lot of salespeople.
• Merger or acquisition has occurred.
• Market shifts have occurred.
• Team performance is poor.
• Competition is winning.
• Margins are slipping.
• Trying to move up-market.
• Maintaining powerful momentum.

How much does an Ask The Experts session cost?

An Ask The Expert session comes at very little cost to your team's training budget. You cover the cost of a relevant book for each member of your team ($25/ea).

According to research from the Association for Talent Development, in 2019, organizations spent an average of $2,326 per sales professional on training.

Does an Ask The Experts session increase revenue?

Apart from raising prices, an Ask The Experts session is one of the most economical & effective means of increasing revenue quickly.

While other factors may contribute to the overall revenue equation (see ClozeLoop's Sales Effectiveness Assessment) sales training has been proven over and over to have an immediate impact on deal velocity, deal size, and deal volume. They key is to ensure that the training program matches the goals of the organization and the internal sales process.

Why is an Ask The Experts session important?

Ask The Experts is important for individuals and teams of all sizes to:

• Hire with the knowledge that you can ramp quickly and effectively
• Close skill gaps and raise the bar of performance
• Create repeatable, scalable, predictable process and results
• Develop common language and evaluative criteria
• Improve the buyers journey experience through internal customer onboarding
• Energize and motivate sales teams
• Continue to be competitive as markets shift
• Create significant competitive advantage
• Retain, promote, and develop professionals and leaders

Who are Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey?

Cory & Hilmon have written the books on B2B Selling, Sales Management, and Customer Success. They are not just authors. This isn't a book tour. They're practitioners. Anyone can create a blog post, a series of "Tips & Tricks" videos or even write a book! Repeat success requires proof and practice. Every book published includes the very frameworks that have proven successful in our 500+ client engagements.

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