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Sales Playbooks: The Builder’s Toolkit delivers the essential frameworks to drive sales revenue. 

Each chapter covers a specific element of the playbook, identifying the goal, how it’s used, actionable steps to implement the element, traps to avoid, and ways to keep the content up to date. This unique approach has created successful playbooks for thousands of companies.


The Sales Enablement Playbook  provides complete clarity on the function of sales enablement in any organization.  Organized by goals, metrics, plays and plenty of diagrams this is a favorite to distribute company-wide to increase opportunities for collaboration and alignment around sales objectives. 



Triangle Selling is ClozeLoop’s proprietary sales framework.  Built upon the foundational elements of sales readers will not find trendy tips and tricks but instead a thorough system for navigating any sales process.

Packed with frameworks and tactical techniques, thousands of salespeople have found Triangle Selling a perfect complement to existing methodologies like or a clean an easy-to-execute set of frameworks on its own.  




Sales Development

Sales Development was written by the authors to provide a comprehensive guide for any new sales development representative. 
This step-by-step guide was written based upon 10 years of experience in growing and developing entry-level sales people.  It is widely distributed by front-line managers as a must-read for new hires.