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Scale Academy by ClozeLoop presents

Close Your Next Deal Challenge

You’re about to discover the 3-step process that has allowed the average ClozeLoop client to increase revenue by 160%, decrease sales cycles by 35% and increase close rates by 27% in just 90 days.

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Tuesday 6/21 - Thursday 6/23 from 3-4:30PM ET
Hilmon Sorey, ClozeLoop

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Hilmon. I'm the Co-founder of ClozeLoop and CoachCRM and a partner in 2.12 Ventures a seed-stage VC. I've trained Sales Strategy and helped build high-performing Sales Teams at over 500 fast-growing startups (with over $1B raised) after having 3 successful exits in sales leadership roles. There are lots of "gurus" out there with unproven sales tips and tricks or high-level strategy that just doesn't work. I don't want to see your company stall or die on the vine because of a lack of execution.
I help business owners drive initial revenue, build the foundation for a first sales hire, and then attract and scale a powerful sales team. It's a playbook that generates light-speed growth for companies no matter your vertical or industry.

It's the challenges of life that make us a champion. Step up to the challenge and join us!

3-Day Challenge


Challenge the Status Quo

It is the challenges of life that makes us a champion. Step up to the challenges.


3 Day Committement

1-2 hrs per day for 3 days. Get immersed in the process


More Sales, Less Time

Level up by creating a predictable repeatable closing process.


Entrepreneurs, Sales Reps, Business Owners etc.

Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up.

  • Day #1 - REASON: We're going to get down to business by giving you:
  • The EXACT framework to master the development of REAL rapport and trust in your deals. Huge deal killers are the fact that folks just don't trust you. With our 5 step formula, you'll be able to build rapport and maintain it through your entire cycle.
  • The ONE question that uncovers the real pain your prospect is experiencing that will allow you to ACTUALLY provide them with a real solution.
  • How to create urgency and velocity in your deals and the 4 step process that gets commitment early on in your conversations so that you’re not waiting on your prospects to make decisions.
  • Day #2 - RESOURCES: We're slaying the 7 Deadly Deal Killers:
  • We're giving you the exact questions to ask to uncover all the resources needed to close larger deals faster
  • You'll get the EXACT 3 step process that will prepare you for every call and to make sure you don't get blindsided by unforeseen objections.
  • Day #3 - RESISTANCE: You’re going to get armed for resistance and put it all together!
  • You’ll learn how to manage every type of pushback you ever get without “handling objections.” And how to get ahead of your typical objections so they don’t even come you
  • We'll pick a few of you and role play the entire process and leave time at the end for your Questions. Hilmon and I are going to stay as long as needed to answer any and all of your questions!

ClozeLoop Testimonials

Sales has a need for speed

Learn the EXACT 3 Step Process That’s Helped Companies 2X Revenue
in just 90 days
Collapse time frames
160% Increase In Revenue + 27% Increase In Close Rate
Cloze your next deal
Tuesday 6/21 - Thursday 6/23 from 3-4:30PM ET

ClozeLoop Testimonials

Ryan H Managing Partner
“Implementing ClozeLoop University's frameworks using the Triangle Selling methodology has been a huge game-changer for my business development team. Their easy-to-use concepts, focused on discovering pain, were quickly adaptable and teachable inside my business. We've been successfully winning larger accounts in less time since finding ClozeLoop - NO JOKE OR EXAGGERATION. It's also fun and useful to use their acronyms (SCALE, PLAN, HELP, SHARE, DOTS) and have everyone on the team know exactly what we are talking about. I highly recommend these guys!!!.”
Jeffrey C Sales Development Mentor
“ClozeLoop uses a mixture of online learning and in-person (Zoom) sessions that helped my team become more confident in their outreach, follow-up and understanding of basic and advanced sales principles. Their online modules are engaging, interactive and extremely high quality, and the trainer for our in-person sessions, Ned, had an incredible command of the material, as well as the actual experience that should be required to train sales reps.
Kirali S, SDR - Cold Calling Specialist
“Using the different frameworks makes the information easily retainable. Also, the steps involved to make small changes are things that can be easily implemented right away.”
Greg H, Founder
“The team at Clozeloop is top notch. They are no BS and are truly interested in making a difference in your organization. I've worked with plenty of consultants and the Clozeloop team is head and shoulders above the rest. They are very practical in their approach to sales. They are true sales people and don't try and shovel theoretical nonsense like many sales trainers. They are also very committed and went above and beyond to help our team.”
Amanda D, Strategic Account Director
"Increases velocity and helps uncover pain"