The Sales Enablement Initiative Question

"Build vs Buy?"

The Sales Enablement Initiative Question "Build vs Buy?"

Before exploring the advantages and disadvantages of building or buying your sales enablement function, let’s define what exactly can be built or bought to effectively drive sales performance. 

Today, it’s no longer viable to have a single-purpose sales enablement function. Modern sellers expect strategy, systems, and skill support to create the greatest opportunity for engagement and conversion.  Management requires transparency, massive ROI, universal adoption and utilization of tools, and consistently accurate revenue projections.

While a few companies have the time and resources to build these core capabilities in a job function, many companies have taken to buying these services and components because market speed and execution are essential.

Solutions and Components

Core elements like onboarding, sales playbooks, learning management system content, tool utilization and optimization, role-based certification paths, and even training of Sales, Customer Success, Sales Engineers, and Manager Coaches are necessary to compete effectively and keep pace with scale expectations.

The Sales Enablement Ecosystem

The Sales Enablement Playbook

“Sales enablement is the concept of extending a prospect-centric mindset to all departments… ”
- Cory Bray & Hilmon Sorey

Why An Organization May Decide to Build

Hiring and “owning” the sales enablement function can be an attractive solution.  It takes clear role and competency definition and time to find the right candidate, and many businesses may find it in their best interest to do so. For example, if a company is in a unique market with an obscure target persona and customer there may be competitive advantage to hiring someone to develop special expertise. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when building sales enablement internally.

Advantages of Building

Disadvantages of Building

Why An Organization May Decide to Buy

Whether it be lack of time, resources, expertise or knowledge, many organizations choose to buy over build. Partnering with a expert firm allows for sales enablement programs to drive impact faster, more efficiently and more reliably. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when partnering with a sales enablement firm.

Advantages of Building

Disadvantages of Building

Building or Buying? What’s right for you?

For most companies, it seems more economical and effective to partner with an expert firm than to hire in-house. With the ever-increasing demands of sales reps, buyers, and an evolving marketplace building internally can be expedient with long-term adverse consequences.

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