The Modern Sales Methodology over 500 companies have found Successful.

Old school sales methodologies are falling short with today’s buyers. With ClozeLoop sales strategy, our agile approach can help deliver fast results on the metrics that drive revenue - within 90 days.

of senior executives have ditched old sales methodologies (BANT, MEDDIC, SPIN, Challenger, etc)
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Clozeloop is Trusted By Over 500 Companies Including:

Watch to learn a top secret

Today’s buyers are well informed, have more choices and more tech capabilities. And old sales methodologies like BANT, MEDDIC, SPIN, Challenger, etc. are failing. Here's the SECRET REASON why they are falling short and leaving you struggling to hit revenue goals.

Sales teams have supercharged their processes with our training.

Our clients can't stop raving about us.

How can Clozeloop’s frameworks and methodologies improve your company’s sales process?

One of the reasons why ClozeLoop is the fastest-growing sales training firm in the United States is because Triangle Selling frameworks are modern, quickly adopted, comprehensive, and immediately effective.  And most sellers want to continue to sharpen their axe.

Winner’s Circle is that place. Online sessions, calendared curriculum, and small cohort sizes ensure that each session is packed with interactivity, workshops, role play, relevant problem solving, and advanced skill development. Digital workbooks, field guides, and cheat sheets” are provided for all material and Winner’s Circle members benefit from coaching, accountability and individual feedback.

The Solutions

Certification Paths

  • SDR to Account Executive
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Engineer
  • Customer Success
  • Sales Enablement & Trainer
  • Sales Manager

Sales Playbooks

  • Discovery
  • Personas & Target Market
  • Prospecting & Sales Process
  • Customer Stories/Content
  • Demos & Creating Velocity
  • Battlecards & Objections

Territory/Account Plans

  • Define, Analyze & Segment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Allocation Recommendations
  • Rollout & Integration
  • Tracking and Review Methodology

Discover how to equip your sales process to have impact in 90 Days.

We have put together a Rapid Growth Guide, with today’s buyers in mind.

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