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Our approach begins with an assessment, not a quote. Every company is different and most importantly has different strategic goals. We align our recommendations to the goals of your company.

After the Sales Effectiveness Assessment we get to work on designing your sales playbook and training curriculum in parallel. The playbook provides an essential component of sales execution.

Role-specific training courses for Management, Sales, Customer Success, and Sales Engineers leverage ClozeLoop University's platform for on-demand delivery combined with our virtual-instructor led sessions.

Finally, we allow clients to right-size an ongoing support option to ensure integration, application, and maximum ROI.
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Assess &
Benchmark Performance - 2 Weeks

Get complete, actionable insights in just 14 days


- Sales & Channel Playbooks
- Customer Success Playbooks
- Sales Enablement Strategy
- Demand Generation Strategy


- Technology Recommendations
- CRM Audit and Design
- Territory & Resource Allocation
- Data Intelligence & Reporting


- Hiring Framework & Method
- Resource Plan Alignment
- Professional Development
- Executive & Team Assessment


- Sales Training & Certification
- Manager Training & Cert.
- Coach Training & Certification
- Sales Enablement Certification

Design Sales Playbook &
Training Program

Get complete, actionable insights in just 14 days


- Design Your Blueprint
- Gather Resources
- Draft content
- Test and Iterate
- Launch to Full Team
- Launch Management Plan


- Design Curriculum by Role
- Customize Workshop Material
- Develop Scenarios
- Develop Certification Program
- Create Manager Guides

Deliver On-Demand &
Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Get complete, actionable insights in just 14 days


- Customize Course Workbooks
- Customize Course Lessons
- Provide Access to Role Paths
- Customize Quizzes
- Success/Completion Review
- Ongoing Reinforcement

Virtual | Live

- Deliver Curriculum by Role
- High-engagement Role Play
- Relevant Scenario application
- Review of Skill Application
- Certification Preparation
- Final Skill Certification

Best-in-Class Client Success,
Reinforcement & Support

Get complete, actionable insights in just 14 days


- Lifetime Access to Courses
- Framework Field Guides
- Access to Course Updates
- Course Scenario Supplements
- Recertification
- Role Progression Development
- Continued Mastery Courses

Virtual | Live

- Pre-Hire Sales Assessments
- Monthly Pipeline Readiness
- Recorded Call Review
- Management Team Support
- Email Support
- Slack Channel
- Playbook Audit & Review
- Invitation to Client Events

Client Success