July 20, 2022

Assess Before You Invest In Your Sales Training

This week on the show, Hilmon and Ned discuss what happens to an organization when sales training doesn’t work, why that training didn’t work, and how to Assess Before You Invest in Sales Training.

What Happens When Training Doesn’t Work?

At 10:53, Hilmon begins with an example- he had recently spoken with someone who was in a sales enablement role at a company that had been considering brining some type of training into the organization roughly one year ago. They were uninterested in any type of sales effectiveness assessment to look at sales strategy systems, staff, and skills. They ended up going with a method that a few of the stakeholders had used before. Now, this particular organization has laid off half the company, including the management team, senior level leadership, and sales leadership. Continue listening to find out Hilmon’s assessment of what went wrong.

Own the Training

At 17:23, Hilmon and Ned discuss the similarities and differences between professional athletes receiving team training and an organization who is going through training. You can’t just bring someone in for one or two training sessions, get everyone motivated, and then that’s it, training is over. It just doesn’t work. Instead, training is something that must be ongoing; it must be reinforced. The bottom line is, you have to OWN the training. Continue listening to learn more.

How Do I Own This?

How does sales leadership go about owning what a third party brings into an organization? Hilmon feels, as sales leadership, it is your job to evaluate and vet the organization that you are hiring. You must ask the right questions to find out- are they going to be a partner to you and your team, or are they just going to be a vendor. Find out how to go about this and what questions to ask at 25:47.

Key Snippets

10:53 What Happens When Training Doesn’t Work?

17:23 Own the Training

25:47 How Do I Own This?

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