August 2, 2022

Developing a World Class Brand

This week on The Winning Zone, Ned Arick speaks with Brian Littlefield, Co-founder of Jocko Fuel, about how to develop a world-class brand.

An Inherent Interest

Brian begins by sharing his background. He has several family members in the medical field and while his mother was going through nursing school, he was right there by her side attending her classes with her. One could venture to say that his interest and knowledge regarding different aspects of the medical field and nutrition was born into him. However, after a few detours as he found his way through life, Brian’s true passion lay within the business world. Continue listening at 02:21 to find out how he ended up tying his inherent interest and his business passion together to create JOCKO Fuel.

Message-Market Fit

Once Brian and his partner decided to go into business together, their first task was to really pay attention to what their customers were looking for in terms of packaging and product specs. When they acquired Q5 from someone in the jiu jitsu community, they used the knowledge they had gained from watching their customers with their previous product to completely rebrand the Q5 product. While they were feeling great about the changes they had made, things didn’t quite go as planned and they had to quickly pivot. Find out what happened next at 11:34.

Go-to-Market Strategy

When Jocko suggested that they launch a joint product, they had to figure out their GTM, which turned out to be pretty simple. Brian built the formula, Pete developed the packaging, they built a landing page on the website, and Jocko announced it on the podcast. Continue listening to learn more and find out how people reacted at 20:34.

Redefining the Energy Drink

Brian explains that the inception of their clean energy drink came from wanting to get all of the toxic ingredients in a regular energy drink. They decided that they wanted to create it and set out to make it happen. They took a deep dive into the active ingredients and reworked what would be included in their drink and how that would happen. Learn more about their process at 24:07.

At 32:37, Brian talks about the importance of fueling our bodies with what they need to perform their best and eliminating all of the toxic behaviors and chemicals that people tend to put into themselves. Continue listening to hear what he has to say about how a holistic approach to caring for yourself can make all the difference.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Brian can reach him on Linkedin, at @brian_origin on Instagram, or can go to the website jockofuel.com.

Key Snippets

02:21 An Inherent Interest

11:34 Message-Market Fit

20:34 Go-to-Market Strategy

24:07 Redefining the Energy Drink

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