September 7, 2022

Giving Feedback as a Sales Manager

This week on the show, Ned and Hilmon discuss how to give feedback as a sales manager. Tune in to hear their thoughts and gain some valuable insight.

Coaching: Where it begins

At 03:17, Hilmon explains that coaching begins in a company by understanding who it is you you want to hire and what the person’s current skills need to be, as well as what skills you can help them to develop once they are in your company. You need to vet for certain things you are looking for and get the best person you can get for the role. In addition, during the interview, you must assess the degree to which your potential hire is coachable. Make clear the culture of your company. Be transparent. This is where coaching begins. Continue listening for an in-depth explanation.

Don’t Sugarcoat the Feedback

Employees in your charge should be able to receive criticism and feedback without needing to sugarcoat it; it is disrespectful and a disservice to the employee and the company because we cannot grow if we cannot receive feedback. You are responsible for developing the people under you and your feedback should come from a place of empathy, expertise, and impact; you should not feel bad about it. Continue listening at 07:31 to learn more around the details of giving feedback in a way that will help develop your employees into the best version of themselves.

Key Snippets

03:17 Coaching: Where it Begins

07:31 Don’t Sugarcoat the Feedback

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