June 8, 2022

How to Amplify your email reach in 2022

This week on the Scale Academy Podcast, Ned Arick and Hilmon Sorey are joined by Ryan Axford, CEO of NurtureLabs, to discuss how to amplify your email outreach and how email automation and nurturing your pipeline can help convert leads to sales.

The Origins of NurtureLabs

Ryan begins by explaining that NurtureLabs began as a consulting group. They are focused primarily on the medtech, edtech, and SaaS spaces for the last five years. They do email marketing; no lead gen or paid media. NurtureLabs tries to focus on automating a workflow and nurturing leads at the top of the funnel and following through all the way to the bottom. Continue listening at 00:03 to learn more.

Content that Works

At 05:49, Ryan explains that just because someone converts on a form, does not mean they know who you are or anything about what you do. This is where marketing automation can come in and be very helpful. Regarding cold emailing, it is a matter of trying to get a conversation, and Ryan has found that the type of content that gets people’s attention is the timing of the send and content within the email. In most cases, the less sales-y the better. Continue listening to learn more and find out exactly how content and timing can make all the difference. Ryan will also give an example of why getting a high reply rate doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing things right. He will also discuss what ‘less sales-y’ means and how a softer call to action can get the conversation started.

What Does a Campaign Look Like?

Ryan shares that a campaign typically consists of 14 touches. As an example, in building a top-of-the-funnel lead nurture, NurtureLabs will build 7 touches and then do 7 resends of the same message. If you are only sending emails once, you are only engaging 20% of your contact list within that segment. What about the other 80%. Sure, you can build more emails, but this takes a lot of time. So why not automate it and send them out on a schedule with simple tweaks? Continue listening at 17:11 to hear more about how a campaign with NurtureLabs works and how they are built.

The Behavioral Piece

NurtureLabs has found that working on ways to catch people off guard has been a successful tactic for them. For example, sending an email at the right time on the right day that sounds very human can really catch the receiver’s attention. They may not respond right away, but at least they feel like there is a real person reaching out to them. Learn more at 27:31.

The Best Advice

Ryan shares that no one is normal, and it is a beautiful thing. The more we embrace this and apply this, the better off everyone will be. If we identify how people are unique, we will find ourselves in a better position to target people at the right time with the right messaging, and we can figure out how to be unique with our marketing. Learn more at 34:57.

Anyone who wants to work with NurtureLabs can go to their landing page nurturelabs.io/scale.

Key Snippets

00:03 The Origins of NurtureLabs

05:49 Content that Works

17:11 What Does a Campaign Look Like?

27:31 The Behavioral Piece

34:57 The Best Advice

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