June 13, 2022

How to Build More Charisma within Your Organization with Kurian Tharakan

This week on The Winning Zone, Hilmon Sorey is joined by Kurian Tharakan, a sales and marketing strategy consultant, angel investor, and author of “The Seven Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell,” to talk about what the seven essential stories are and how to use them to build more charisma within your organization.

The Genesis of the Book

At 00:47, Kurian explains that throughout his career he has worked with hundreds of startups with various different backgrounds, most of who did not go to school to become salespeople. Because of this, Kurian saw a need to build a framework that these people could use to get their stories out, which is how his book, “The Seven Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell,” was born. Continue listening to learn more.

Why is the Story so Important and What is It?

“If they don’t buy into your story, they won’t buy into anything else,” says Kurian in regards to why the story is so important. The story must be functionally relevant and emotionally significant to the audience receiving it. You must treat your customers as the hero of your story by making the core story a transformation story about how you can transform their lives. Continue listening at 01:48 to learn more.

How Much of the Story Should be Tied to the Product?

In Kurian’s words, “The product is the tool to fulfill the promise of your story.”

The Seven Essential Stories

At 07:48, Kurian touches on the Seven Essential Stories. To build them, he took keys from particularly charismatic leaders throughout history.  He explains that, through these seven stories, the more passion and believability you put into them, the more you create your own innate buy-in to the stories, which, in turn, makes you more charismatic. Continue listening to learn the Seven Essential Stories with a short explanation of each.

How to Become More Charismatic

By definition, charisma is your ability to make your audience come alive. It is about transforming your audience to the desired future state. Kurian explains that when you tell the stories with simple purpose, believability, and identifiable characteristics that you buy-in, which shows your audience why they should buy-in, that’s how you can transfer the simplest form of charisma. And, when you add presentation techniques and other tools, you will find yourself even more charismatic after the session than before. Continue listening at 15:38 to learn more.

The Biggest Mistake in Employing the Stories

Kurian says that the biggest mistake people make in trying to utilize the stories is that the person delivering the story is boring. He explains that it is essential to get to the level of understanding yourself, where you came from, etc, and getting to the plot line. You must find out what is functionally relevant to the audience. Listen at 19:53 to learn more.

The Wind Behind the Trend

At 20:54, Kurian explains that we are constantly inundated with noise all around us in the messaging from all commercial sectors, and because there is so much of it, it becomes meaningless. So, the only way to imbue it with meaning is to imbue it with a narrative that is meaningful. This is why the storytelling trend has taken off and will continue to thrive. Continue listening to learn more.

Leadership Parables

“Leadership Parables” is another book of Kurian’s that uses 101 different short stories, or parables, to illustrate a leadership principle. Kurian explains that when we tell a story, it sticks much better than if we just tell a fact. Continue listening at 22:03 to find out more.

Anyone who wants to connect with Kurian can do so via LinkedIn.

Key Snippets

00:47 The Genesis of the Book

01:48 Why is the Story so Important and What is It?

04:26 How Much of the Story Should be Tied to the Product?

07:48 The Seven Essential Stories

14:57 How to Become More Charismatic

19:53 The Biggest Mistake in Employing the Stories

20:54 The Wind Behind the Trend

22:03 Leadership Parables

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