December 29, 2021

How to Develop Your Brand as a Speaker with Anastasia Lipske

This week on The Winning Zone, Anastasia Lipske, Founder of Access Speakers, joins Hilmon to discuss how being intentional about speaking to audiences can boost your business.

Speak with Intention

Know the reason for which you are speaking and use that as a tool to share your message with the world. Anastasia explains that you can use speaking as a marketing tool or as an advertising tool, but you have to be strategic about it and have a plan. You need to connect with your audience, not just talk at them, and then give them a way to follow up. Learn more at 01:15.


At 09:09 Anastasia explains that being intentional with speaking is all about visibility.  Every time you speak, your name gets included on calendars, on websites, on social media pages, and this helps boost your credibility. People will search for someone to speak and your name will be what comes up as an expert in that field. Speaking, especially on podcasts should be used as a marketing tool, and too often Anastasia says that she sees people making the mistake of not taking advantage of that. Continue listening to learn more about this.

Alignment is Key

“It is important that you never speak in front of a group that is not aligned with your message.” Anastasia explains the importance of choosing your audience based on whether or not they are aligned with what you have to say because if they are not, then your message is falling on deaf ears and you have no value for them. Learn more about this at 13:09.

Be Authentic

At 17:06 Anastasia stresses that being perfect is not what is important; rather, you must be authentic and real. You should practice what you need to say so that you know it and can say it no matter what happens when you are actually in front of the audience because you need to be able to say it without it losing its impact. 

Speaker Branding

At 20:15 Anastasia talks about the importance of speaker branding. When you put yourself out there as a speaker, you are always on the lookout to share your message, and opportunities start to arise because now everyone else knows you as a speaker as well. You have to fully emerge yourself into the identity; add it as a position in your experience on social media because it creates visibility and “...speaks volumes about the fact that that’s a big part of who you are and what you do.”

Bless the Audience

In regards to speaking to the audience about something impactful, you need to consider the specific audience. Speak on what you know and share anything that is going to help the audience member learn something, or even just inspire them to be a better individual. The topic can range, as long as you are blessing the people you are speaking to with something of value. Learn more at 27:14.

Anyone who is interested in growing their speaking business, doing more guest podcasting, or anyone who just needs help getting out there should reach out to Anastasia via her email or website She also offers a free monthly Q&A for people to come in and pick her brain.

Key Snippets

01:15 Speak with Intention
09:09 Visibility
13:09 Alignment is Key
17:06 Be Authentic
20:15 Speaker Branding
27:14 Bless the Audience

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