April 25, 2022

How to Drive Massive Return Regardless of Your Marketing Budget with Dmitrii Kustov

This week on The Winning Zone, Hilmon Sorey is joined by Dmitrii Kustov, Founder and Marketing Director at Regex SEO, to discuss how to drive massive return, regardless of your marketing budget. He will also share his take on A.I. powered content.

The Current State of SEO

Dmitrii starts of by explaining that people should be paying attention to their user experience on their website. You should be paying attention to technical optimization and website navigation because the goal is to provide the best results to answer the user’s question in the most efficient way. Learn more at 00:33.

The Evolution of the SEO

In the early days of the SEO, Dmitrii explains that it was all about keyword stuffing- the more a keyword hit, the higher up in the results you would be. Nowadays, the SEO has evolved to include how users interact with your website. If the user does not get what they are looking for and does not click or spend much time on the site, the Google pushes it down as not being the correct result. However, when the user spends time interacting with the website, that is what Google is looking for. Listen at 02:10 to learn more.

Optimal Use Case

At 04:12, Dmitrii describes that there are two types of marketing- online and offline. Online marketing can be broken down into six main groups, including SEO, paid search, social media, email marketing, referral marketing, and display advertising. Dimitrii further explains that optimal use case is dependent upon the industry in which you are in. You are not going to utilize social media as a channel to market and sell to the oil and gas companies. Continue listening to find out more and hear the examples offered by Dmitrii.

Showcase Your Aesthetics

“Personal connection is about being not generic. If someone is asking a specific question…you’re going to help them as much as you can. That’s where there is the personal connection of ‘Oh, this guy wants to help me, he’s not there to sell to everybody’. The idea of building personal connections with users on the internet is basically replying to and answering their questions in a manner that shows users that you care, instead of  just ‘Yes, we do that.’”

Dmitrii elaborates that the more specific, personal, and caring that you are with your customers, the better the connection will be. The idea is to “...make friends, not connections.” Build the relationship with the client before they even become a client. Learn more at 13:47.

Brand Versus Conversion

According to Dmitrii, brand is what builds up the connection for a person who is interested; it is even more of a reason for them to work with you over other companies that offer the same thing. Conversion is a metric- how many people end up becoming a customer. You have to focus on both brand and conversion at the same time for the best result. Continue listening at 16:21 for a more in-depth explanation.

The Hidden Pocket

At 22:02, Dmitrii concedes that email marketing and SEO are the two hidden pockets that, when done correctly, can yield the highest conversion rates. Many people are under the impression that no one cares about emails anymore, but this simply is not true. As long as email marketing is done properly and for the right reasons, it is very effective. Continue listening to learn more.

A.I. Powered Content

Dimitrii is a data scientist by training. Whatever A.I. produces is going to be an iteration of previously existing things because A.I. cannot innovate. A.I. content is about creativity and coming up with something that has not existed before, and because A.I. is unable to innovate, Dimitrii doesn’t feel that it’s quite there just yet. It is a good helper to generate topics and such, but it should not do the whole job on it’s own. “A.I. is a tool; use it as a tool.” Learn more at 26:22.

Dmitrii is open to talking with anyone who wants to reach out. On the business side, he is looking for companies who are eager to grow and who understand the value of marketing.

Key Snippets

00:33 The Current State of SEO

02:10 The Evolution of the SEO

04:12 Optimal Use Case

13:47 Showcase Your Aesthetics

16:21 Brand Versus Conversion

22:02 The Hidden Pocket

26:22 A.I. Powered Content

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