August 29, 2022

How To Have Productive Coaching Conversations

This week on the show, Hilmon and Ned discuss the impediments to great coaching conversations. Tune in as they walk through their thought process and learn how to have productive coaching conversations.

Great Coaching Conversations

Hilmon begins by explaining that great coaching conversations start with a clearly identified challenge; otherwise, the subject matter is unclear and no solutions can be offered. Find out more at 00:29.

Setting Structure to the Conversation

How do we set structure and identify the challenges for a coaching conversation? First, emotional investment in the outcome of the conversation needs to be kept to a minimum. Then, the manager must circumspect the challenge, and their are only three types of coaching challenges that occur: Mindset challenges, activity challenges, or skillset challenges. Continue listening at 02:49 to learn more about what each challenge entails and how to identify them.

How Do We Identify the Challenge?

As Hilmon previously identified, there are only three types of coaching challenges. In order to identify what challenge you are dealing with, you can view it as a triangle. If you are doing the activity and know how to do it but it is not happening effectively, then it is a mindset issue. If you’ve got a strong mindset and are doing the activity but it is poor, then it is a skillset issue, and so on. It is never going to be all three issues happening at once. Continue listening at 08:36 for more insight.

Hindering Success

As a manager, during your first 90 days, it is critical for you to understand and get to know the people you are managing; you must build rapport with them, or you will fail. You cannot succeed if you do not understand and focus on your people. Put the mirror down and focus the lens on the people in your charge. Learn more at 13:11.

How to Get Personal

The best way to get to know the people you are managing is to ask questions. Get them talking. Watch their behaviors and listen to their responses. Just be human and start having conversations. Do not overcomplicate the task at hand or the position. Continue listening at 17:19 to learn more and to find out the difference between experts and amateurs.

Key Snippets

00:29 Great Coaching Conversations

02:49 Setting Structure to the Conversation

08:36 How Do We Identify the Challenge?

13:11 Hindering Success

17:19 How to Get Personal

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