May 2, 2022

How to Hire Ridiculously Successful People with Rick Girard

This week on The Winning Zone, Hilmon Sorey is joined by Rick Girard, CEO of Stride Search and author, to talk about how to hire and retain ‘Ridiculously Successful People.’

A Broken System

Rick feels that the interviewing and hiring process has been broken for a long time. He notes that it is a very unnatural process that ultimately leads to candidates accepting the job that pays the most, rather than the position that is going to help them grow and get them to where they want to be. And the companies are just in it to fill a position, rather than really take care of their people and career-path them. It is all of these things that have led us to the Great Resignation that we are seeing today. Listen at 02:42 to learn more.

The Most Important Piece

Rick explains that clarity is the most important piece when it comes to a candidate applying for a position. Taking a leap just to take a leap or to follow the money is a dangerous way to go. Getting the right people on board is critical, because if you get it wrong, it could ultimately destroy the company. Learn more at 05:49.

Hiring as an Essential Function

At 06:52, Rick explains that we tend to think of hiring as an activity, rather than an essential function. There are are very few CEOs that actually enjoy hiring, but if you are really good at recruiting and hiring, you can teach those below you how to do the same and then you are building strong practices that will attract top performers.

Best Practices

To date, the process of hiring is exactly the same as it was 30 years ago; it is treated as a transactional sale. People are leaving their positions for three reasons: career growth, content of the work, and management. In order to attract strong people, you must be very deliberate and structured. Listen at 15:17 to find out how to do this.

Vetting for Skills You Don’t Have

Rick explains that when you are vetting someone for a skill set that you don’t posses, you first need to understand what they did that was impactful in their current roll. Have them walk you through something they did that went above and beyond their current job- this will give you an idea of what kind of person they are. Continue listening at 20:02 to find out more about how Rick trains executives with a system of checks and balances to conduct the most fruitful and efficient interviews.

Remote Vs. In-Person Work

When it comes to working remotely or in-person at an office, Rick spends some time discussing the fact that people do not want to be told what to do, so if you want to get more participation, you need to allow the people to feel like they are choosing. As long as you build accountability into the situation, it should not make too much of a difference, but ultimately you do have to do what is best for the business. Continue listening at 24:23 to learn more.

The Leaky Bucket

In order to retain your people and avoid a leaky bucket situation, Rick explains that first and foremost, you have to career path your people. Transparency and a great work environment are also huge in building a company where people want to remain working. Learn more at 29:33.

Rick works with entrepreneurs, and anyone that wants to connect with him can reach out on Linkedin. His book, “Healing Career Wounds: Your Start-ups Secret Weapin to Attract, Hire, and Retain Ridiculously Successful People,” can be found on Amazon or in any bookstore, and you can check out his podcast, Hire Power Radio.

Key Snippets

02:42 A Broken System

05:49 The Most Important Piece

06:52 Hiring as an Essential Function

15:17 Best Practices

20:02 Vetting for Skills You Don’t Have

24:23 Remote Vs. In-Person Work

29:33 The Leaky Bucket

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