March 28, 2022

How to Leverage Storytelling to attract premium clients and scale your business

This week on The Winning Zone, Hilmon Sorey is joined by Jude Charles, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and consultant, to discuss the power of storytelling and how it can be used to attract premium clients and scale your business.

The Impact of Video

Jude begins by explaining to us that video is impactful because it allows you to see, feel, understand, and make connections. Being able to see something is infinitely more powerful than just hearing it. Video can help influence and guide someone to what you want someone to see and believe.

Jude feels it is important to make video engaging. Sitting in front of the camera talking makes it less impactful than if you bring in a dramatic demonstration. Bring elements into the video that make it engaging, because that is where a connection is made. Learn more at 00:45.

The Youngest of Ten

Jude concedes that he grew up watching his many siblings do what they were doing, and then he chose a different path. Very early on, he made it a point to figure out where he fits and what his purpose was. He understood at an early age what was important; he learned direction and guidance. Find out more about Jude’s journey at 04:07.

Dramatic Clarity

Jude is very adamant about vulnerability and going deep. He likes to take his clients on a journey he calls roadmapping, which consists of three phases, one of those being dramatic clarity. “Unless you are very clear on your why; unless you are very clear on where you’re headed, what we’re creating is just noise.” Jude digs deeper into how this journey works, as well as provides an example to help paint the picture, at 06:59.

Becoming a Brand as a Company

At 15:29, Jude explains that, when you are going through the transition to becoming a brand, it is imperative that the vision and mission of the company is embodied by everyone- within the company, as well as clients and customers. When you begin to capture transformational stories, you begin to understand why you are doing what you are doing; it makes everything more three dimensional; it gives your employees a reason to care. You are transforming lives, not just coaching them or selling them software. Continue listening to learn more.

Why Do We Resonate with Stories?

A story is the journey of a very specific moment in time, and at 19:17, Jude tells us that we resonate so well with stories because it is the way that we communicate. They are powerful because they allow us to express and communicate an idea or thinking that is more than just a simple statement; they allow us to connect to something deeper. Stories allow others to see, think, and feel what we have experienced.

Dramatic Demonstration & Dramatic Leverage

Jude describes the second piece of his roadmapping journey, dramatic demonstration. Whereas dramatic clarity is about telling your story, and getting clear on who you are and your brand, dramatic demonstration is what breathes life into all of those things, into that brand. There are five different elements to dramatic demonstration, but it all comes down to bringing these things to life.

The third piece of roadmapping is dramatic leverage, which is when you use dramatic demonstration over and over again. It is also about figuring out how to leverage dramatic demonstration when you first meet someone. Continue listening at 25:30 for a more in depth explanation.

The best way to contact Jude is through his Dramatic Leverage newsletters at judecharles.co/newsletter. He also loves to work with executives and CEOs who are looking to bring their vision to life, and he is happy to connect with anyone who wants to leverage the power of storytelling to take their brand to the next level.

Key Snippets

00:45 The Impact of Video

04:07 The Youngest of Ten

06:59 Dramatic Clarity

15:29 Becoming a Brand as a Company

19:17 Why Do We Resonate with Stories?

25:30 Dramatic Demonstration & Dramatic Leverage

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