February 23, 2022

How To Scale Your Company Like A Consultant with Patch Baker

This week on the Scale Academy Podcast, Ned Arick and Hilmon Sorey are joined by Patch Baker, President and CEO of Mobius Media Solutions to talk about the skills needed and the importance of having systems in place in order to scale your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Separation Between Reality and the Dream

Patch explains that in order to successfully grow a company, you cannot do it from an emotional standpoint. In the military, Patch learned how to compartmentalize information, and he uses that skill to his benefit in business. When he is a C-level partner in a company, he is not making emotional decisions regarding that company. He is solely there to try to figure out how to bring money in the door. “When you are doing it as a business, which also means your livelihood, you can’t have your heart wrapped up in that because you will make endless stupid decisions…” Patch further goes on to express that if you work for a company and only take care of yourself, then the company will die, but if you take care of the company, then the company will take care of you. Continue listening at 00:39 to learn more.

Systems that Cater to Long Work Hours

At 07:44 Patch explains that, while he is the CEO of his company, he works more like a consultant, meaning that he doesn’t hold meetings or do payroll or marketing; he is not stuck in the day-to-day. He is not going to continue to tinker with something that doesn’t work, no matter how much time or money was spent on it. Instead, he comes in, sees the problem, and fixes it. Patch purposely separates himself from all of it so that he can see what is wrong in the big picture and take care of it. It is these types of systems that allow Patch to continue on doing what needs to be done without getting burned out. Continue listening to learn more.

Boiling it Down to the Best Skill

Patch explains that if you are going to boil everything down, the best skill you can have in order to run a company, is problem solving, not communication. You can hire people to communicate for you. You can hire leaders to run your business. You can hire marketers. It all comes down to your ability to clearly define a problem and solve it. Continue listening at 13:00 to hear Patch’s ‘tree-in-the-road’ analogy, how to solve it, and to learn even more.

Micromanaging Stifles Growth

At 20:36, Patch explains that when someone micromanages a company and has to do everything themselves because no one else can do it better, they then also must agree and accept that they are a poor leader because they have not put the systems and processes in place to define the mission or communicate it efficiently or effectively enough to instruct other people. And this is fine for some people. But at the same time, Patch explains that when you micromanage, you stifle creativity, ingenuity, and all the things that are going to grow your business. He further goes on to say that they whole reason you hire people is to be a force multiplier for your business. Continue listening to learn more.

The Importance of Having Systems in Place

If you are doing something (sitting in meetings) that don’t equal dollars, then you are not sitting in the right call. Patch also feels that is important to write down your job description as the CEO. If the task you re about to do is not on that list, don’t do it. He explains that, while you cannot delegate responsibility, you can delegate tasks. If you are performing tasks that are below your pay grade, then you are stealing from yourself, from your investors, and so on. If you can’t push the task to someone else, then it is not worth doing, or someone else needs to be hired to do it. And in the spirit of hiring, Patch always hires in twos- two people that start on the same day, are trained the same, are on the same playing field. Either, one will rise to the top, or they will both be great, but they should be profit centers pretty quickly because they are both following the same systems. Learn more at 24:00.

What to Expect When Onboarding New Hires

Patch says that the question should be “How do I get those people to this rate by this amount of time?” It is your job to hire people that can follow instruction and use their own creativity, but follow your system first. Recognize that they are well equipped and that they may have their own tools, but make it clear that they are to learn your system first, and then they can bring their own tools into it. Continue listening at 28:26 to learn more.

Paying to Have the System Built

At 29:54 Patch explains that you can hire consultants to come in and build your training systems for you before you hire the salespeople. One way you can do this is by doing a deferred system with the consultant. Another way is to hire a consultant to teach you directly how to build the system. Patch used this method when he was trying to learn how to build a negotiate contracts. Continue listening to learn more.

The Most Important Piece of Advice

Patch can distill all of the information he has discussed into one piece of advice- you must clearly define the mission. You cannot accomplish anything without first knowing the mission. The way to do this is to get everyone thinking about the same thing so that everyone is headed in the same direction. “Establish a team in a way that everyone knows how they operate together to get to the goal.” Learn more at 33:17.

Anyone that wants to know more about Patch and what he does can learn more at patchbaker.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Key Snippets

00:39 Separation Between Reality and the Dream

07:44 Systems that Cater to Long Work Hours

13:00 Boiling it Down to the Best Skill

20:36 Micromanaging Stifles Growth

24:00 The Importance of Having Systems in Place

28:26 What to Expect When Onboarding New Hires

29:54 Paying to Have the System Built

33:17 The Most Important Piece of Advice

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