February 14, 2022

Instructional Design as a Process with Catherine Mattiske

This week on The Winning Zone, Catherine Mattiske, author of ‘Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success,’ globally recognized training expert, and CEO and Managing Director of The Performance Company, joins Hilmon Sorey to talk about instructional design as a process and how to create an organization that has a culture of learning that supports every individual.

A Piqued Interest

Catherine tells us that she started off in the computer industry in the mid-nineties when everyone in business was just starting to learn and do training on Microsoft Office. She describes how fearful many people were that they were never going to understand computers and how others completely embraced it. Catherine found this fascinating and it was at this point that Catherine decided to start a game for herself to try to get 100% of her participants to 100% of the learning objectives every day. She wanted to get 100% of the people to apply what they learned 100% of the time. Continue listening at 00:54 to learn more. 

How to Achieve 100% Outcome

At 03:47, Catherine explains that there are many variables that need to align in order to achieve 100% outcome. She goes on to say there is a pretty major disconnect with the notion of formal learning. People are more than willing to participate in informal learning; to go to Google and search for and learn what they need to when they need to, or to participate in peer to peer learning, but when it comes to actually attending a formal learning setting, suddenly that becomes a bother and people make excuses as to why they can’t go. Continue listening to find out more.

ID9 Intelligence

At one point during Catherine’s training career, the head of learning and development at one of Australia’s biggest companies took notice of her training method and success rate and offered Catherine a job training their trainers on what she does. Catherine accepted the job but had not idea how she was going to do it. She started to write down what she needed to do in order to craft a learning program that works. It was as this point that the idea of ID9 Intelligent Design was born. Continue listening at 06:44 to learn more.

The ID9 Process

The ID9 process can be applied to any formal situation where one human being needs to impart information to another. The system is built around putting the participant at the center of the learning experience. These days training is typically administered by subject matter experts, rather than learning professionals, which is where the disconnect happens because “...they are grown up scientists….and (when put in the role of trainer) they just create something that makes sense to them, but they are already the expert, as opposed to closing the gap between where they are and where their participants are, where they need to be, and how to help them get there.” ID9 ensures that before the participant leaves the learning program they have applied what they learned. Continue listening at 09:32 to learn more.

Addressing Different Learning Modalities

Different people and different generations have different learning modalities. Catherine explains that ID9 includes many checks and balances throughout the program. There are 10 levels of transference, or 10 learning theories that are all-encompassing of participants’ learning preference. Through the learning design process, checks are done to make sure that when the learning is delivered, it is completely balanced and designed to feel like it is completely tailored to that particular person. Continue listening at 15:37 to learn more. 

The Inner Genius Profile

Catherine explains that people are not taught how to learn. The first piece of Inner Genius Profile is to uncover how you learn. Most people have no idea how they learn best. The profile was designed to help you figure out how you learn, to increase your learning speed. Once the profile is completed, you are assigned a particular archaetype that helps explain your learning preference. The second part of the profile is that this can also be done with entire groups in order to sort out how each individual within a company learns so that everyone can learn successfully via their preference and are then able to communicate effectively as a whole. Learn more at 17:54.

Filters to Learn and Communicate

We all have our five senses, which is how we take information into our brains. Even here, we have different preferences with how we like to take the information into our brain. Then, once the information is in our brain, the way we process it is different. Catherine has distilled 100 years of learning science down into these different processes of how one person prefers to take in and then process information versus the next person. Then, in order to communicate better, she makes it possible for people to recognize these differences so that we can see how each other best communicates, leading to the most effective form of communication. We are able to speak each others’ communication languages. Listen at 21:31 to learn more. 

How to Integrate the Inner Genius Profile

Catherine explains that it is so important that integration starts with the senior leader of the company. They must want to have their teams communicating clearly and learning at speed. It is so difficult to navigate the “...tsunami of information that comes to us everyday….” but if you can learn quicker and more effectively, then life becomes much easier. We must be working at pace in order to be able to compete in today’s market. The leader must be the one who decides to take this on, to improve, to build better habits because this will hook in everyone else. Learn more at 26:11.

Now is the Time to Make a Shift

We have become very good at managing a virtual environment, and there are huge opportunities in it. We will likely never go back to the way of life that we once knew, and Catherine explains that she would prefer to never go back to in-person experiences because she has experienced better learning outcomes in a virtual space than she ever did in formal in-person sessions. The opportunities of learning in a virtual learning environments are endless. Find out more about this by listening at 31:04.

If you are a CEO, a C-Suite executive, or anyone who wants to sharpen up and transform your team, you can reach Catherine via LinkedIn or through her website at She is happy to give away her knowledge to anyone who wants it.

Key Snippets

00:54 A Piqued Interest

03:47 How to Achieve 100% Outcome

06:44 ID9 Intelligence

09:32 The ID9 Process

15:37 Addressing Different Learning Modalities

17:54 The Inner Genius Profile

21:31 Filters to Learn and Communicate

26:11 How to Integrate the Inner Genius Profile

31:04 Now is the Time to Make a Shift

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