December 8, 2021

Launching Startup Sales & Marketing

You have an amazing product. You truly believe it is the best product of its kind. You have put blood, sweat, and tears into bringing this product to fruition. But now what? How do you take it to market? Ned Arick joins The Winning Zone Podcast to talk about his new podcast: Startup Sales and Marketing. 

Early-Stage Founders

At 01:18 Ned talks about joining with early-stage founders to help them take their products to market in a repeatable, but scalable way that will create great success. He notes that ClozeLoop has worked with hundreds of these early-stage founders and over time have put in the systems, the processes, and the strategy to really make them successful.

Startup Sales and Marketing Pillars

At 03:04 Ned discusses how the Startup Sales and Marketing program has a couple of pillars- the initial pillar being creating and building the strategy. This is done by really knowing and understanding who you are targeting for your product through conversations and experiments, and then tailoring a process that is repeatable so that you, as a founder, no longer have to wear so many different hats and can focus on the product itself while we take care of the strategy and execution.

Collection of Resources

Ned goes on to explain that the Startup Sales and Marketing program is an aggregate of the processes and strategies that have been built and worked out across hundreds of organizations. There is no one cookie-cutter process and because ClozeLoop works with so many organizations, they are continuously scaling their processes and using current best practices. Learn more about this at 07:05.

Is the Investment Worth It?

At 08:24 Ned talks about how early-stage founders need to make a decision about the investment- they are stressed about everything leading up to go-to-market. They are spread thin financially, physically, and mentally. Essentially, the stress of it all is keeping them from being successful. So Ned’s question, then, is “ the investment (in the SSM program) worth taking all of that off of your plate and really collapsing the time it's going to take for you to actually understand what's going to work for your business when it comes to go-to-market? 

Understanding Your Go-To-Market

At 13:20 Ned reiterates the importance of understanding your go-to-market, and that that looks different for everyone. But by following a couple of core principles and having a partner to get in there and “...get their hands dirty with you…,” a strategy can not only be built, but can be built quickly, because as a founder, you do not have endless amounts of time to spend here. 

Key Snippets

01:18  Early-Stage Founders

03:04  SSM Pillars

07:05  Collection of Resources

08:24  Is the Investment Worth It?

13:20  Understanding Your Go-To-Market

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