January 17, 2022

Life isn't easy but can it be made easier? That's what Chris Westfall believes

This week on The Winning Zone Chris Westfall, one of the most sought-after business coaches in the world, joins Hilmon Sorey to talk about his new book and explain how everything in life can be made easier. 

Everything Can Be Made Easier

At 01:45 Chris explains how he came to the conclusion that ‘easier’ is always available. He sat down and took some time to really reflect on how this is possible. What he found is that there is always a way to go about everything in life- work, relationships, etc- to make things easier. He is continuously seeking out new ways of showing up to make things easier- and by easier, he does not mean laziness- because when he is easier with how he goes about things, he is made better because of it.

You have to evaluate your particular situation and ask yourself “What could make this easier?” It is at this point that you can assess whether or not your solution met the goal.

The Book

Chris initially set out to write a ‘tips and techniques’ book for the business world. However, in the process, he decided that his readers would get more value out of reading experiences inside of a story, so he made the pivot from ‘tips and techniques’ to ‘business fable’ with a very real, very believable client and coach relationship. It is a story that turns into a “life after career death story” where the client has lost all identity and has to figure out how to rebirth, recreate, rebuild himself- except he does not have to do it alone, which is one of the things that makes life easier. Learn more at 05:26. 

At 07:55 Chris explains that the book is a conversation that unfolds that is based not only on conversations that he has had with clients, but also that his coach has had with him, that have made a meaningful difference. Chris also discloses that his father passed away from COVID, and so the book became a dedication to the memory of his father and a way to help deal with his supreme grief. It helped shift his perspective from “How am I going to get through this?” to “What can I get from this?” From his story of grief and loss is a tremendous gain of understanding and acceptance and love that we can ultimately embrace. Continue listening to learn more. 

Chris’s First Coach

In many ways, Chris’s father was his first coach- not only in sports, but in life lessons. He instilled in Chris the importance of not losing sight of what is going on right here, right now. “Keep your attention on what it is that really matters. It’s not about watching the fans; it’s about playing the game.” Listen at 14:58 to find out how Chris ties this to the business world. 

Sifting Through the Noise

Knowledge is power, and power is knowing what to ignore. Understanding where to put your attention is not a process; it is a matter of letting your thoughts settle down so that you lose sight of the distractions and the crowd because that is when we can clearly see the thing that we need to focus on. Our instincts will always show up underneath our thinking. Continue listening at 16:48 to learn more. 

The Rich Man’s Secret

Chris tells us of a conversation he had once with his coach. He was so overwhelmed with the demands of his business, but his coach calmly told him that the wave will always come to him; there is no need to create it. Then, at 19:08 Chris references an old book called the “Rich Man’s Secret.” He divulges that the secret is to always take the first step, nothing more, nothing less, and the rest will reveal itself to you. He further goes on to quote Ted Lasso by saying that “Every choice is a chance,” and then makes it his own by saying “Choice, like ‘easier,’ is always available.” Let your thoughts settle. Let the overwhelm settle. The wave will always come to you, and it is about how you handle it that will make all the difference.

Transformational Coaching

Chris explains that the best coach is going to be the one that helps you win. For Chris, his driving force in seeking a coach is that he wants to make himself better. He doesn’t want to wait to get better. He doesn’t want to do it alone, because that is not ‘easier.’ He wants to be encouraged and he wants to have someone to talk to that understands the power in their conversation. Successful coaching will point you toward resourcefulness and new perspectives, which helps your view to become clear. Continue listening at 26:41 to find out more about transformational coaching.

Realization is Accessibility

At 29:40 Chris divulges that the coach’s job is to open up the possibilities and explore the things that you cannot find right now. However, the answers are always going to come from inside of you. You must acknowledge that you are the only expert on you. And once you come to that realization, you will be able to better deal with unexpected circumstances and catch those waves that are coming at you if you want, but you will be able to do it all with a sense of peace and resourcefulness. 

Chris’s new book is called “Easier: 60 Ways to Make Your Work Life Work for You.” He says that anyone who is frustrated, looking for more, or someone who wants to win should reach out to him to have a conversation. 

Key Snippets

01:45 Everything Can Be Made Easier

05:26, 07:55 The Book

14:58 Chris’s First Coach

16:48 Sifting Through the Noise

19:08 The Rich Man’s Secret

26:41 Transformational Coaching

29:40 Realization is Accessibility

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