June 22, 2022

Plan Your Way to Scale with Derek Osgood

This week on the Scale Academy Podcast, Ned Arick and Hilmon Sorey are joined by Derek Osgood, Founder and CEO of Ignition, to discuss the importance of planning your way to scale and how to do so.


Ignition is a platform that assists in product launch and helps build GTM processes. The platform is an amalgamation of documentation, project management, asset management, and internal comms. Continue listening at 00:05 to take a deeper dive into Ignition.

Solving a Pain

At 01:31, Derek explains that throughout his career, he has tried every tool available to structure the GTM process, but nothing has proven fully competent or effective. As a result, he decided to build his own platform that will address every facet and combine all the pieces of the GTM process into one tool. Continue listening for further explanation.

The Benefits

When you don’t plan and do a GTM process, it can decrease conversion rates and cause you to lose out on potential revenue. However, when you go through a planning process, you are much more likely to convert customers to your product, drive revenue, and have a fully educated team that can effectively talk about the product. Continue listening at 05:58 to learn more.

The Ideal Planning Process

According to Derek, the most important thing is to put a tiering process in place because, too often, companies treat everything that gets built exactly the same way instead of sizing and planning for the different launches. Companies also continue to fall short on involving the marketing team in the road mapping stage, which leaves no ability to plan within the launch window. Going through a research process that involves talking to customers about what you are building is also an important aspect of the planning process to obtain feedback regarding what your message should be. Listen at 07:59 to learn more.

The Target

Ignition set out to target startups that were 200-500 people, but they have been starting to get a lot of pickup from larger enterprise customers. In regards to smaller companies wanting to scale, they are typically missing a product marketer, which is where Ignition comes in. Continue listening at 14:29 to find out more about Ignition’s target market and what pains they solve.

Growing Pains

Derek explains that it is important for companies to realize is that “...just because information was flowing effectively at an earlier stage doesn’t mean that it continues to flow effectively as the team gets bigger.” He says that interviewing the sales team can help you realize where you stand and what needs to be improved in regards to creating and distributing information during the planning process. Continue listening at 17:45 to learn more.

Product-based vs Service-based GTM

At 19:19, Derek explains that with a service-based GTM, while you are not launching things quite as much, you still have to go through the same process for any services you are selling. You still have to identify customer pain points, who your competitors are, and how you are going to fit into that world. Continue listening to learn more.

The Role of a Website

Your website is the most important asset that you have. It is the very first place people go when they hear about your company in order to find more information. It is your opportunity to tell people why your product is superior and help build their trust. The user experience on your website will set the stage for the user experience with your product. Learn more at 24:05.

The Best Advice

The best advice Derek can give is that you can’t just build a product and expect people to come; you need to actually market it. Listen at 27:11 to learn more.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Derek regarding GTM, can reach him via email at derek@haveignition.com or through the website haveignition.com.

Key Snippets

00:05 Ignition

01:31 Solving a Pain

05:58 The Benefits

07:59 The Ideal Planning Process

14:29 The Target

17:45 Growing Pains

19:19 Product-based vs Service-based GTM

25:05 The Role of a Website

27:11 The Best Advice

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