April 19, 2022

Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Noah Scott

This week on the Scale Academy Podcast, Ned Arick and Hilmon Sorey are joined by Noah Scott, Founder of The Big Possible, to discuss how he found his missing piece and started The Big Possible, as well as how you can take the leap to level up to what you are truly capable of. 

Something Needs to Change

Noah’s life was set- he had the cool job, life was routine; everything was in place. However, Noah didn’t feel complete. His friend circle was dwindling and he felt like something was missing. At one point Noah had a breakthrough that made him realize that the missing piece was travel and adventure; leaving his comfort zone and experiencing growth. He wanted to be passionate about his life and his work again, and this is what led him to the idea of hosting retreats around the world. Continue listening at 00:45 to learn more. 

It’s Now or Never

Noah explains that it takes a big level of commitment and intention to finally realize that the path you are on is not fulfilling and you are meant for more. Embracing the risk is a signal that you are pointed in the right direction, but it also leads to a fear that something might go wrong. However, if you eliminate those fears by just asking a question, then you have opened up an opportunity to receive feedback and learn some lessons. Learn more at 05:42.

Practice Who You Want to Be

When our minds tell us that we aren’t ready for something or we need to follow a certain path or take certain steps, we are selling ourselves short. But that isn’t necessarily who we really are. Sometimes we have to skip the baby steps and take the leap toward what we are really capable of. We have to put into practice who we are really meant to be. Listen at 10:39 to learn more. 

The Big Possible

The Big Possible gets you out of your comfort zone and creates an atmosphere in which you can be open to thinking and receiving new ideas while being pampered. However, the strongest component of The Big Possible is community building. The retreats are compiled of like-minded people who are purpose-driven doers and action takers that have made a commitment to make an investment to show up and find out what they are capable of. Noah’s job is to curate the process and help the retreat attendees achieve their goals and dreams and map out how to get there through networking with others at the retreat. Continue listening to learn more about The Big Possible and its three pillars at 12:50.

The Next Retreat

The Big Possible’s next adventure is charted for Marrakesh, Morocco - May 18-21. If you’re looking for a chance to do something remarkable this year, in the company of like-minded doers, you don’t want to miss this.

Beyond being the getaway of a lifetime, with mind-blowingly delicious meals and jaw-dropping rooms at a luxury villa, the retreat will unlock new business strategies and connect you with an inspiring community you can rely on - even long after the event.

In the spirit of personal growth and learning, our retreats feature world-class speakers sharing thought-provoking mindset shifts and practical takeaways to set the stage for a personal breakthrough every single day of the retreat.

Our chef @lalamina_la will DJ a journey through the tantalizing tastes of Morocco with daily meals, snacks, and adventure while our daily yoga and movement practice will keep your endorphins raised to the roof.

Noah would like you to join him and this exclusive group of entrepreneurs, business philosophers, and creatives on a life-changing retreat in exotic locations, carefully engineered to maximize your goals, your life, and your potential. Listen at 19:40 to learn more about the retreats, the featured guests, and how you can apply with a very large discount, as well as hear stories surrounding the recent retreat in Puerta Vallarta. 

Anyone who wants to connect with Noah and learn more about The Big Possible retreats can reach him at thebigpossible.com/retreats. 

Key Snippets

00:45 Something Needs to Change

05:42 It’s Now or Never

10:39 Practice Who You Want to Be

12:50 The Big Possible

19:40 The Next Retreat

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