August 16, 2021

Melinda Holmes, Customer Experience Consultant at Above the Lead on Customer Success

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It is well known that customer satisfaction is one of the most important areas where a business should focus its efforts on. Having great front-line customer service can help organizations increase their revenue streams, provide value to their customers, create a brand, and build a loyal community. 

Melinda Holmes has had a career in Customer Experience for +20 years, where she has learned to understand the foundations needed to effectively manage and build successful customer experiences. Her focus is on giving solutions to save money and earn more revenue by creating processes to increase customer retention rather than pricey ads and exhausting promotions.

A lot of companies nowadays are struggling to engage with their customers because they are not following the strategy that best suits their audience. Finding the right path towards gaining and retaining customers can lead your business all the way to success. Interested in learning more about some powerful insights to help you get there? Then this conversation is for you. 

Melinda Holmes
Melinda Holmes is a customer experience consultant at Above the Lead. She is passionate about business growth, motivation, leadership, providing great service, and healthy team building. 

Melinda has had a career in Customer Experience for + 20 years where she has learned to understand the foundations needed to effectively manage and build successful customer experiences for organizations. Her focus is on creating tailored solutions for the customer segments by digging deep and getting to know what customers need, want, and expect from a product or service. She uses technology, market research, business process modelling and intelligence to create customer engagement and satisfaction, loyalty, brand awareness, and increase revenue streams.

Above the Lead
Prior to Above the Lead, she was an Engagement Manager at Adhere Tech, a leading provider of smart devices and digital support that connects patients to care. She was involved in giving patients a seamless experience related to health. She works with methods based on real-life scenarios with customers and not just theories.

Her holistic approach is focused on looking at the root of current customer challenges and work to find solutions that customers want and need. By her experience, she understood that creating a strong Customer Community is required to maintain a successful business with increased revenue streams. Additionally, she is a strong supporter and advocate in seeing small businesses succeed.

As a Certified Consultant from Columbia University, she has worked with a team at a Fortune 500 insurance company where she taught the importance of making a customer feel comfortable like they are in a community together.

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