May 10, 2022

What Trade Secrets Are You Throwing Away? with Mario Bekes

This week on The Winning Zone, Hilmon Sorey is joined by Mario Bekes, CEO of Insight Intelligence Group, to discuss how information exists all around us, how we are constantly under attack for that information whether we realize it or not, and how we can utilize human intelligence investigators and interrogators to help protect our corporations from these attacks.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Fortune

Mario explains that, in daily life and corporate life, humans are both the strongest and weakest link. We are continuously linked to some type of technology from the moment we wake in the morning. “The moment we leave our work is where the strongest link becomes the weakest link.” Everyone has some type of information, a small piece of a bigger puzzle - are you able to tell, in all of your interactions, who might be trying to extract information from you? Listen at 01:40 to learn more.

All Information is Good Information

At 04:30, Mario explains that when it comes to human intelligence, no piece of information is too small or should be disregarded, from CEO down to receptionist. Information is constantly walking in and out, and it can be tangible or intangible. It can be found in the foyers, hallways, and bathrooms; it is all around us, and it is all important. Corporate espionage is real and people are always listening. Cybersecurity is not the only thing organizations should be focused on. Continue listening to learn more.

Information Flies

Corporations spend so much time analyzing their competitors that they forget to protect themselves. When on a plane, most executives, as soon as they are able, open their laptops and start working without any fear of being monitored. However, anyone using human intelligence or investigative methods is going to use the cheapest, most rugged methods, and what better place to collect information than on a plane? Listen at 12:59 to learn more.

Strategic Intelligence

"We need to know how our competitors think, how the market thinks, and what the strategic picture is going to look like in the future- which means you need to look beyond the horizon with strategic thinking and strategic intelligence. Think big, but start concentrating on the local market."

Mario explains that it is important to know how our competitors think, how the market thinks and what things are going to look like in the future- this is where strategic intelligence comes in. Think big, but start small with tactical intelligence by analyzing your local market first. If you don’t understand what is happening right in front of you, then you will never understand what is happening on a global level. Continue listening at 18:33 to learn more.

Insight Intelligence Group

At 22:02, Mario explains that his business is based on three pillars- fight, fear, and freedom. Mario fights for his clients against fraud and criminal activity. He helps remove the fear- of losing money, of being taken advantage of, of being abused. But most importantly, he helps give his clients the freedom to continue doing their work without interruptions and having to worry about getting involved in a lengthy investigation. Continue listening to learn more about How Insight Intelligence Group helps protect their clients.


Mario goes on to explain how he got into human intelligence investigation and interrogation. He was born in Yugoslavia and was sent to military school at age 14. When the war broke out in 1991, Mario was forced to choose sides. He was eventually transferred from military intelligence security to foreign affairs, which led him to Australia. In 2004 he decided to quit. He was expecting a son and bounced around jobs. Then, in 2009 he decided to do something for himself and took the reigns on his life. Continue listening at 28:05 to find out how Mario turned his life around to become who he is today.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Mario can visit his personal website a mariobekes.com.au. He is happy to help anyone he can.

Key Snippets

01:40 One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Fortune

04:30 All Information is Good Information

12:59 Information Flies

18:33 Strategic Intelligence

28:05 Origins

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