August 16, 2022

Work Life Balance is a Myth and Other Musings with Ned Arick

This week on the show, Hilmon and Ned discuss work/life balance, as well as the importance of having a comprehensive sales system.

Work/Life Balance

For Hilmon, work/life balance is fluid. He wakes up every day seeking how he can make a difference that day. If he goes on vacation and does not touch work the entire time, he does not feel fulfilled. But, that’s not to say that he doesn’t play just as hard as he works.

Ned feels that the term work/life balance indicates that you only give 50% to each side. He feels that you should be looking at it from a different perspective- you should be giving whole-hearted energy to every aspect of life.

Continue listening at 00:08 to hear more about how Hilmon and Ned each address the concept of work/life balance and how the power of words can make all the difference.

The Psychology of the Platform

There is to be a push to stay relevant on social media, and the conversation is constantly changing what is considered “trending.” Our focus is always being redirected to what is considered the most important thing. One week it may be top of funnel, but the next it might be all about how discovery is the most important thing. However, the most important thing, for those who are putting out content and trying to change the tone, is that you are putting out content that is actually going to be helpful. Continue listening at 13:26 to learn more.

A Comprehensive System

With so many people putting out so much different content using so many different processes, people are trying to piecemeal a system together. This system always ends up failing because it was built in too many different “languages.” Instead, you should be looking for a comprehensive system that addresses all aspects of the sales process in a methodical, systematic way in order to be successful. Listen at 16:33 to learn more.

Key Snippets

00:08 Work/Life Balance

13:26 The Psychology of the Platform

16:33 A Comprehensive System

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