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Sales Development | Bulk Buy


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Sales development is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. It is fast-paced, often on the leading edge of technology, and people in the role have the possibility of making a ton of money!

Unlike accounting, medicine, or law, most salespeople do not study their profession in college. Instead, they are tossed into the fray without much training, context, or support, and are left to sink or swim. This method proves neither efficient nor effective for the individual or the company.

Sales Development is written specifically for the job seeker or individual contributor who has aspirations of success in a sales development role, and beyond. This is your personal guidebook to the how, why, and what-to-do’s of the sales development profession. Written practically and tactically, this book shows you how to get the job, how to perform, and how to position yourself for advancement. Based upon ten years of teaching sales development representatives in the fastest-growing companies in the United States, this book will launch you on your path to becoming a rock star.

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