The Challenge In
Scaling Your
High Performing Sales Team

ClozeLoop's managing directors host this 60-minute session specifically for Executives
& Managers who are scaling teams to drive rapid growth.

Wednesday, May 12th @ 10:00 AM Pacific

24% of sales reps exceeded their quota last year and only 40% of companies hit their goal.

If your company is growing in size and your team isn’t performing consistently it may be because:

• You struggle to find talent
• Your onboarding doesn't create sellers
• Your new hires ramp too long
• Sales reps peak and stop growing
• Top talent leaves for better jobs

Process drives scale. In this session we outline the process used by ClozeLoop to build consistently high-performing teams in some of the fastest-growing companies on the planet.

Join us for an informative session beyond best practices, with strategies you can employ immediately.

ClozeLoop Presenters

Hilmon Sorey
Co-Founder and Managing Director of ClozeLoop
Cory Bray
Co-Founder and Managing Director of ClozeLoop
ClozeLoop is a sales strategy, training, and enablement company. Hilmon and Cory have written 8 books on sales, and sales management. Visit