Sales Effectiveness Assessment Overview

The Sales Effectiveness Assessment (SEA) is a 2-week program that looks across an organization’s sales strategy, systems, staff, and skills. The SEA concludes with a management report outlining both identified challenges and solutions at a high level, with detailed insights into specific findings.

During the assessment ClozeLoop will review current documents, conduct interviews with stakeholders across the organization and provide insight into specific areas of your revenue organization that are unique to your company.

SEA Topics


  • Market Segmentation

  • Personas

  • Product(s)

  • Pricing

  • Go To Market Channels


  • Sales Process

  • Pipeline Math

  • Tech Stack

  • Coaching + Pipeline Reviews

  • Playbook


  • Competency Matrix

  • Hiring Rubric

  • Onboarding Program

  • Career Path

  • Manager Development


  • Team Training

  • Certification Paths

  • Discovery Calls + Demos

  • Demand Generation

  • Ongoing Development

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