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Our Approach

At ClozeLoop, we believe that revenue growth and sales performance can be optimized in 90 days by the alignment of short-term targets with executable strategy and daily activity with results realized within 90 days. 

Gone are the days of slow, year-long “methodology rollouts.” Today business moves far too fast for that.

Gone too are the days of one-day motivational or “entertrainment” workshops. Today, business is far too complex for that.  


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Our service offering is designed for impact.  Whether you are early stage and exploring Go To Market, driving toward a venture funding round, or competing for growth in a more mature market, we’ll collaborate to create and execute a plan that delivers. FAST.

Frameworks to Fuel Growth

CEOs, sales and enablement leaders spend a significant amount of time foraging for strategies, systems, and tactics to impact the results which are critical to revenue generation.  What becomes of these well-intended efforts is a sales engine with fits and starts, unpredictable results, high turnover, and slowly ramping hires.  

We believe that you understand your business, and the challenge falls to our team to unlock that understanding and apply rigor and battle-tested frameworks to the sales and demand generation process which allow predictability, scale, and goal attainment.  

ClozeLoop Frameworks extensively covered in our books include:

  • SCAN
  • DOTS
  • PLAN
  • HELP
  • GROW
  • HIRE



 Sales Playbooks

The best sales enablement teams leverage playbooks – not as reference  for onboarding but as an ongoing effectiveness resource.



Triangle Selling,  Triangle Success, and Management frameworks are built to Increase Velocity,  Customer Growth & Retention.


Digital Marketing

Our team of experts leverage digital marketing and social media to drive top of funnel engagement and lead flow for sales conversion.



When it’s time to reach the next level,  we provide the roadmap to help you scale, move upstream, hire, and create predictable process.

Client Impact

Start-Up Founder

We began working with the ClozeLoop team after Y Combinator when I realized that we had a solid product with potential, but no clear path to Go-To-Market.  As a technical founder I was completely unfamiliar with selling, and the ClozeLoop frameworks and strategic guidance positioned us to hire and rapidly onboard our first sales hire, exceed year one revenue expectations by 49% and raise an incredibly healthy Series A.  We continue to work with ClozeLoop now to develop process for upstream motion, hire, train, effectively manage our scaling team.

Global Public Company

Because we are in a highly competitive technology sector, we spent years attempting to integrate sales methodologies which ranged from BANT to Challenger in our global organization in hopes of increasing deal velocity through better discovery.  ClozeLoop worked with our global sales enablement team to rollout Triangle Selling worldwide – integrating it with our existing methodology and workflow.  They created region-specific training workshops, reinforcement, and onboarding and ensured effectiveness by providing all managers with a coaching framework and accountability system to ensure ROI and impact.  Fantastic!





Determined to simplify revenue acceleration with frameworks, repeatable processes, and validated performance metrics, Hilmon Sorey and Cory Bray formed ClozeLoop in 2016.  Since then, we have been trusted by the fastest-growing companies on the planet.  From Startups through Growth Stage ClozeLoop consistently delivers high-impact, low time-to-value results.  

How We Engage

At the heart of our engagement is analytics.  We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and conversely, we won’t over-engineer process.

Depending upon your goals, our conversation begins with a FREE assessment of your team, your revenue targets and historical attainment, your existing playbook or your sales team.

From this assessment, we have a baseline upon which to have an informed discussion about impact.


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