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Training and Coaching to:

ClozeLoop Core: Triangle Selling

Our Premier Ongoing, Virtual, Instructor-led, Sales Mastery Program...

One of the reasons why ClozeLoop is the fastest-growing sales training firm in the United States is because Triangle Selling frameworks are modern, fast-adoption, comprehensive, and immediately effective.  And most sellers want to continue to sharpen their axe.
Winner’s Circle is that place. Online sessions, calendared curriculum, and small cohort sizes ensure that each session is packed with interactivity, workshops, role play, relevant problem solving, and advanced skill development. Digital workbooks, field guides, and cheat sheets” are provided for all material and Winner’s Circle members benefit from coaching, accountability and individual feedback.

We support your ongoing learning development and mastery in interactive, high-energy, role-relevant 90-minute bi-weekly sessions.
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  • Market Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • The Winning Zone
  • Persona & Job-To-Be-Done
  • Sales Messaging
  • Problem Statements
  • Pain Questions
The Core Frameworks
  • S.C.A.L.E. For managing and measuring rapport.  Every sales methodology tells you that establishing rapport is important.  It's not about being friends and talking about alma maters or the weather. You need the science behind persuasion and influence. Your key to becoming a trusted advisor is S.C.A.L.E.
  • S.C.A.N. Just like a doctor, Top 1% salespeople understand how to diagnose pain. Your key to framing questions that create urgency, commitment, and accountability for your prospects is S.C.A.N
  • P.L.A.N. Pros always start a meeting with clarity and agreement upon where it should go.  Your key to uncovering agenda items, eliminating surprises, ensuring stakeholders are present, and guaranteeing next steps and an incremental close is P.L.A.N.
  • S.H.A.R.E. These days the many sales hinge upon a compelling demo or presentation stage in the sales process.  Your key to delivering insightful, focused demos with high prospect engagement that drive velocity is S.H.A.R.E.N.
  • H.E.L.P. Buyers are tricky, priorities shift, the speed of business today is rapidly changing.  So how do salespeople remain top of mind?  How do they eliminate ghosting or delays?  Your key to maintaining momentum is H.E.L.P.
  • D.O.T.S. Pro sellers fill the top of their funnel with referrals consistently and predictably. How do you ensure that you know how to professionally ask for referrals early and often of prospects and customers/clients alike. Your key to effortless referral asks is connecting the D.O.T.S.
  • G.R.O.W. Upsell, cross-sell, and retention are essential in B2B sales.  The best salespeople are consistently looking for additional opportunities to expand and retain their current customer base. Your key to systematically increasing the LTV of your customer base is G.R.O.W.

Reason, Resources, and Resistance: Understanding advanced application of Triangle Selling moves, and how you can meet your prospect where they are on their buyer's journey without having to adhere to an outdated chronological sales process.  The Triangle allows you to be nimble and responsive while still maintaining control and proactively driving your sales process.

Tools and Execution:  When and how should you use video? Text? Email? Intent data? Social media? How do the frameworks support the use of modern sales  tools.

The Relentless Mindset is your personal advantage

Personal/Professional Inventory Wheel: How to go about goal-setting, evaluating what’s essential and what’s not, establishing focus and measuring improvement.

MAStery:  How to identify Mindset, Activity, and Skillset challenges that are blocking your success.

Developing YOUR Personal Plan:  if you don’t have a plan they your falling into someone else’s, and they don’t have much planned for you. Develop your plan, understand your why, and what evidence of success looks like.

COACH Yourself:  A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness.  Look no further than the mirror for one of the best coaches you’ll ever have.

Eliminate Negative Thinking:  Sales is tough. Five strategies for eliminating negative thinking when it creeps up into your day or workflow.

Motivation: Everything works in the training environment. But that's not where you get paid. It’s what you do when you’re alone that determines if you become one of the Top 1% in this profession or just average.  You'll learn the essentials of motivation used by top professionals, professional athletes, and others.

Sales SANity: Prospects do the strangest things do you better be prepared. How do you develop and maintain an effective selling posture when met with rejection, challenges,  disappointments, success, and wins?  We’ll show you how the Specialist, Analyst, and Narcissist impact every sales process.

The Five C’s of Time Management: time is the one resources we all have in equal measure.  Top sellers make effective and expert decisions regarding how they spend their time and the quality of their efforts.

And of course individual coaching, deal management, and peer cohort benefits. 

Reach out today to see if this program is the rocket to get you to where you want to go. 

Training & Coaching To:

Triangle Selling

It goes without saying that all sales training is not created equally.

Triangle Selling was built to provide synergy between strategy and execution, with clear frameworks built for front-line manager enablement (accountability and reinforcement) to align with leadership goals.

No other selling methodology is built for this critical integration.

Unstructured tips and tricks are almost as bad as top-down, over-engineered charts and graphs that impress management but are never used by salespeople.

We've been training salespeople for over 15 years. We know what a salesperson needs, and what's useless.

In the sales process, knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Triangle Selling is the most modern and effective sales methodology available today, with frameworks to support your entire sales process.

If your sales team uses any combination of phone, video, chatbots, intent data, social or email - these frameworks are relevant and quickly move the needle on revenue.

Program Outcomes

Fast Impact On:

  • Top of Funnel Conversion
  • Discovery & Qualification
  • Competitive Wins
  • Demo Conversion
  • Pipeline Accuracy & Velocity
  • Seller Quota Attainment

How we work
with the Enterprise

We work with B2B companies to quickly build sales organizations that consistently outperform goals.  You don’t just want to make your number, you want to blow it away… consistently.  Whether you are trying to create momentum or maintain it, our process has proven effective for Enterprise-level organizations like yours.

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Quota Attainment

Enterprise case study

To deplop sales training initiatives in our large organizations we often start with a pilot groupand then expand to other teams. With this Unicorn public company, the initial results with the Training Academy we built were so impactful that other managers were lining up to get their teams trained next.

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What others are saying about us...

"Really enjoying these courses. Straight forward, to the point and actionable. I've spent close to 50k if not more on courses, books, webinars, coaches, etc and these have been the best courses I've taken. I'm digging back into the books as well as to make sure getting everything well rounded."

"I have read all of ClozeLoop's books and l've got to say not once did l feel like l was reading "just another sales book. l cant wait to read their next book and l highly recommend you check out any that peek your interest."

"Shout out to ClozeLoop for shaping my thinking here. The simple street-wise concepts in your books have helped me get this and other programs off the ground with our own sales team here."

"Thanks for the tips, l use the P.L.A.N. every call and ensure l actively listen throughout the entire convo and l can point to the funnel sequence as the key to uncovering the pain."

"For me its about having a set of frameworks to guide you, too often companies piece together BANT, MEDDIC, Sandler and some random sales trainer that walked in a few years ago, and they have nothing they can coach off of or hold reps accountable to."

"I've had a lot of sales trainings and that was one the best.."

"Personally this was one of the best sales training events I have attended. The ClozeLoop team kept moving at a solid place and were engaged in the role playing activities."

"100% ClozeLoop has changed the game for my individual career and now that company I'm with."

"Excellent inspiration for helping us define and develop our strategy. l have recommended ClozeLoop to all our sales planning team."

"It is not often I see consultants come in with the conviction that ClozeLoop has and want to make you better by teaching and counseling vs telling Sr leaders what we need."

"After demo training - we increased close rate from 25% to 31%."

"Your training goes much deeper than the surface level tips and trick that a lot of other trainers focus on."

"Thanks to ClozeLoop we had the best quarter in company history and best month in company history DURING COVID."

"I have been using your frameworks and find them to be the strongest methods of all the sales trainings I’ve received.."