As a founder, time is money. You need a go-to-market strategy that quickly drives revenue. The clock is ticking on landing logos that validate your product and company to stay on the fast-track to your next funding round. We know.

Velocity to Your Next Round

You don't need an over-engineered solution built for larger companies who have everything figured out.  Or a generic GTM approach that doesn't fit your market or buyer. Rapid testing, iterating, and feedback are what got you here and that's exactly how we'll help you grow revenue.  You need a partner who's done it consistently for B2B startups, and understands customer acquisition from beta to buyer.

Learn fundamental B2B sales frameworks and processes. Develop predictable prospecting methods, define tools, and hone the skills necessary for repeatable success. Create rigor around GTM assumptions, tactics, leading indicators, and market signals.

At this stage, it's important to begin to develop sales playbook elements, and hiring methodology to identify ideal candidates, and allow for rapid ramp of new hires to scale the sales team.

Finally, sales management and coaching are the competitive advantage of the fastest-growing startups. We build leaders who cultivate high performing teams.

How We Work
with Startups

We work with startups to quickly build sales organizations that consistently outperform goals. You don’t just want to make your number, you want to blow it away… consistently. You’re trying to create momentum at scale and our process has proven effective for B2B startups like yours.

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3X increase in Annual Recurring Revenue

Startup Case Study

This SaaS startup initially launched strong with a new product in an established market, but COVID-19 introduced a major blocker as their customer base relied on in-person clientele. As a result, they needed a different approach to sales that would create urgency to buy with small business owners struggling to keep their own companies afloat.

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How Does
ClozeLoop Compare?

When choosing a partner to transform your sales organization, increase sales revenue, sales margin or your market share - all approaches are not created equally.

Here's how we compare to the others.

ClozeLoop University vs.
Online Training
ClozeLoop vs.
Individual Trainers
ClozeLoop vs.
Training Companies
ClozeLoop vs.
Strategy Firms

What others are saying about us...

"Really enjoying these courses. Straight forward, to the point and actionable. I've spent close to 50k if not more on courses, books, webinars, coaches, etc and these have been the best courses I've taken. I'm digging back into the books as well as to make sure getting everything well rounded."

"I have read all of ClozeLoop's books and l've got to say not once did l feel like l was reading "just another sales book. l cant wait to read their next book and l highly recommend you check out any that peek your interest."

"Shout out to ClozeLoop for shaping my thinking here. The simple street-wise concepts in your books have helped me get this and other programs off the ground with our own sales team here."

"Thanks for the tips, l use the P.L.A.N. every call and ensure l actively listen throughout the entire convo and l can point to the funnel sequence as the key to uncovering the pain."

"For me its about having a set of frameworks to guide you, too often companies piece together BANT, MEDDIC, Sandler and some random sales trainer that walked in a few years ago, and they have nothing they can coach off of or hold reps accountable to."

"I've had a lot of sales trainings and that was one the best.."

"Personally this was one of the best sales training events I have attended. The ClozeLoop team kept moving at a solid place and were engaged in the role playing activities."

"100% ClozeLoop has changed the game for my individual career and now that company I'm with."

"Excellent inspiration for helping us define and develop our strategy. l have recommended ClozeLoop to all our sales planning team."

"It is not often I see consultants come in with the conviction that ClozeLoop has and want to make you better by teaching and counseling vs telling Sr leaders what we need."

"After demo training - we increased close rate from 25% to 31%."

"Your training goes much deeper than the surface level tips and trick that a lot of other trainers focus on."

"Thanks to ClozeLoop we had the best quarter in company history and best month in company history DURING COVID."

"I have been using your frameworks and find them to be the strongest methods of all the sales trainings I’ve received.."

Impact in 90 Days

You know where you need to go. You know where you've had sales success so far, and you understand the threats to your growth tomorrow.

Let's dramatically and sustainably improve your sales organization's performance right now.

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