January 11, 2021

Is Sales Enablement Really That Hard?

It can be. In some cases, it can be nearly impossible.

Sales Enablement is really (or should be) about improving LTV/CAC while growing Revenue.

If all the teams in your company are firing on all cylinders, Sales Enablement is probably pretty easy. You can turn some dials and increase LTV, reduce CAC, all while growing revenue.

However, here are some of the ways Enablement can become hard:

Lack of Sales Skills

Are you hiring salespeople who aren't great at selling? First jobs? Self-taught? Don't have a real sales methodology?

If the Sales Enablement team has to teach basic sales skills...wow...you're coming from behind out of the gate.

Poor Sales Process

In the real world, you can't call a time-out and work on your process until it's fixed. If it's broken, you MUST keep selling and "fix the airplane in mid-air". Trying to mend a sales process while continuing to deal with all of its negative fallout along the way will cause a ton of pain.

Lack of Alignment Between Departments

Are all the teams aligned?

  • Is the Product team building what customers want?
  • Is Marketing's messaging consistent with how customers will use the product?
  • Can Sales take a handoff from Marketing and use THE SAME messaging?
  • Does the Customer Success (or Account Management) team meet new happy customers, or people with buyer's remorse?

Then...are issues between any of the above teams communicated up and own the chain? If not, Sales Enablement has its work cut out!

Poor Onboarding

Assuming a new rep knows how to sell, can they walk in and get to producing? Do they have a crystal clear understanding of:

  • Current customers and why they bought
  • Each buyer persona, their jobs-to-be-done, and pain points to be solved
  • Common objections and winning responses
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product features and how each maps to SPECIFIC pain points for different types of buyers

If all of this info can't be FULLY ABSORBED and used in the field by DAY 6, Sales Enablement has some hard work ahead.

Unstructured Ongoing Training

When new product features, competitive intel, and changes to the sales process are introduced, are reps ready to roll with the changes IN THE FIRST HOUR?

Content Consumption

Unfortunately, "content" has become synonymous with PDFs, PPTs, and other large files that no-one wants to read, with the exception of the IT team doing the security review.

Can a salesperson effortlessly recall the most relevant customer case study and rattle off the 5 words (WORDS, not pages) that the prospect needs to hear? If marketing is writing novels and sales needs sentences, there's trouble on the horizon.


Is all content, training, and other types of communication RELEVANT to each sales rep that is on the receiving end? If not, they likely don't care and all that work is likely a waste of time.

Wow...That's a Lot

If one or two of the items above are broken, it's probably some hard work, but that's why we have jobs, right :)? If everything is broken, it's likely an impossible mission.

However, if everything in this list is firing on all cylinders...Sales Enablement isn't really that hard...

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