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This document outlines the ways we work with Sales Leaders to help the team achieve their goals. To do so, we have outlined common challenges that we help address, and highlight the medium through which we address the challenge. Here are specific examples of challenges we have solved for clients in the past:
Difficult to retain top performers due to lack of promotion path
Playbook isn’t having the desired impact or doesn’t exist
Reps are taking longer than expected to ramp
Coaching managers and/or reps isn’t having desired the impact
Gap between top performer(s) and everyone else, without know-how and/or bandwidth to close the gap
Team lacks fundamental skills necessary to succeed in the role
ClozeLoop Offering
*ClozeLoop University online training
If any of these challenges sound relevant and you’d like to learn more about what ClozeLoop has to offer, please contact your ClozeLoop representative.
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Shelby D
Hi I just wanted to send you a quick note, I have been using the COACH framework with my team 1:1Ss and they have been going soooooo well. I am so glad we have that framework, so that you!
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