Dec 22, 2020

Cory Bray on the Infotelligent Podcast

“Top Insights from the Best” - NEW episode

Cory Bray is the Co-Founder of ClozeLoop. He is a known sales expert and author of 7 books including “The Sales Enablement Playbook”, “Sales Development: Cracking the Code of Outbound Sales, Hiring, Onboarding, and Ramping Salespeople” and many others. He has an upcoming book “Financial Modeling for Sales” that will teach CROs / VPs of Sales on how to use Excel and advanced modeling skills to be truly data-driven sales leaders who can figure out ways to scale revenue better and faster.

In this episode Zorian Rotenberg and Cory Bray discussed:

- How you go from University of Pennsylvania / Wharton into sales (instead of Wall Street)
- Why Cory decided to write a book about Financial Modeling for Sales
- What exactly is “Sales Coaching” and why it is so important
- About Triangle Selling (and how it connects to Chicago Bulls)
- Multiple insights from his many books that will help every listener
- How he can write so many books and still get many 5-stars on Amazon
- And lots more from a renowned sales thought leader


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